Return / Cancellation / Refund Policy

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Return / Cancellation / Refund Policy

The return of Goods & Services shall be subject to following T&C as per Return Policy of the Portal.

Return Policy for Products/Goods:

  • Only following category of goods, Andheri Smiles Dental are eligible for return:
    • Wrong goods shipped by the supplier – Goods not supplied as per Customer’s order
    • Goods received in damaged condition due to handling/exposure during transit
    • Non functioning equipment (electrical/other equipment which are not in working condition on receipt by customer)
    • Goods which have crossed the printed ‘Expiry Date’ or ‘Use Before’ or ‘Best Before’ date, as printed on the product carton or packing
  • Following Products/Goods cannot be returned back:
    • Goods which have NOT been purchased through Andheri Smiles Dental website, or purchased directly from the seller.
    • Goods which have been seal-opened, and/or partially used.
    • Goods damaged at customer’s end after receipt, due to wrong handling or due to not following the product use instruction.
    • Goods being returned because customer has changed his decision to buy them or the customer feels he does not need them anymore, or accidentally placed order/wrong order by the customer.
    • Short expiry goods which have been bought through ‘Offers’ section with proper knowledge and information, wherein a clear short expiry offer has been given to customer as a special offer.
  • Procedure for returning the Goods
    • For return of the Products/Goods, qualifying for return as per clause 1 above, the customer must post a ‘return request’ through the portal, within 72 hours after the delivery, by filling in the reason for cancellation. The return can be initiated through the “Track Your Order” section.
    • After initiating ‘Return Request’ it is mandatorily required that the customer sends the photographs of the goods (as received by the customer) to [email protected]. This is mandatory requirement and NO return request shall be processed without the photographs being sent to [email protected]
    • The customer must preserve and return the original labels, price tags, & warranty cards if any (received with the delivered product), and return them along with the returned goods.
    • The Andheri Smiles Dental executive may contact the customer if he needs to know more details about the product return.
  • After the return has been approved by Andheri Smiles Dental, the pick up by logistic agency shall be generated by the Andheri Smiles Dental, and the courier shall pick the returned goods in 3-6 business days. After the return is received by the Andheri Smiles Dental, the refund shall be generated as per the choice exercised by the customer at the time of posting return request. In case of pre-paid orders, the amount shall be returned to same destination account from where the payment was received or PD Wallet, as per the choice exercised by the customer. For CoD orders, the refund amount shall be deposited in the Andheri Smiles Dental wallet of the customer. This amount can be used any time for any purchases on Andheri Smiles Dental.
  • For any query “Contact us” or write to us on [email protected]

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation Policy for products ordered on
    • A customer can cancel his entire order within 1 hr from placing a confirmed order and making a successful payment, without assigning any reason. The cancellation can be effected from the “Track Your Order” section on the Home page.
    • A Cancellation Fee of 3% of amount paid shall be charged as cancellation charge for prepaid orders. For CoD orders, the customer shall pay the revised amount after cancellation.
    • If the customer places the order and due to some reason (unexpected lack of inventory or any other reason) the seller is not able to ship the product, the order will be cancelled by Andheri Smiles Dental and the entire amount will be refunded to the customer if it is prepaid order. For CoD orders, the customer shall be informed about the cancellation.
    • The order which could not be delivered to the customer due to, customer’s premises (including second attempt of delivery by the logistic company) being closed or un-acceptance of delivery for any reason, and which is returned back to Andheri Smiles Dental, shall also be considered as cancelled order and cancellation fee shall be applied as above.
  • Cancellation Policy for Registration of courses:
    • Andheri Smiles Dental acts as a facilitator between Institute/faculty and the participant. For unusual situation like cancellation/refund, the refunds policy of the Educator Institute/faculty shall apply and responsibility of refund to participant is that of the Educator Institute/faculty.
  • Refund Payment processing
    • Refund will be done only for products wherein
      • the supplier cannot deliver the product due to unexpected shortage in inventory, or
      • customer has returned the goods as per policy , or
      • the customer has cancelled the prepaid order within the stipulated time.
    • No refund shall be granted for the delivery charges (if paid by the customer and if part order is returned), and the convenience charge in case of CoD order.
    • Refund shall be granted for net amount, after deducting the cancellation charge of 3% (if applicable) and/or the delivery, CoD charge (if applicable).
    • Refund for Prepaid orders will be done to destination account from which payment is made. The customer will also have option to have this refund amount in the PD wallet of his account.
    • In case of return of CoD purchases, the refund shall be done to PD wallet, and the amount can be used for any purchase on Andheri Smiles Dental, at any time. No withdrawal or transfer of the wallet amount is permitted.
    • The refund shall be effected to bank account or PD wallet within 7-10 business days.