Dental X-ray Treatment

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OPG Dental X-ray Method

  • Dental X-rays do not require special preparation The only thing you need to know is brush your teeth before your appointment.
  • At Andheri Smiles a dental hygienist will guide you through each step of the OPG X-ray process.
  • The X-rays will be taken in some fraction of time and are readily available for the diagnose
  • After reviewing the x-ray, your dentist will guide you through the issue and what steps you will need to follow to cure the issue.
  • If your dental hygienist finds problems, such as teeth cavities or tooth decay, they’ll discuss your treatment options. If your dentist finds no problems then you dont have to worry.
OPG Dental X-ray

What is Dental X-ray?

Advanced x-ray, Trusted Care.

Dental X-rays are images of your teeth that your dental specialist uses to evaluate your oral hygiene. These X-rays are utilized with low degrees of radiation to take image of your teeth and gums interior. This can assist your dental specialist in identifying issues, such as cavities, tooth decay, and affected teeth.

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