Single Day Denture Treatment

Get your smile back in a day

Single Day Denture Method

  • Before anything else, your dentist will sit down with you and have a consultation about the issue. This is where they can review your dental & medical history, answer any of your questions and give you a rundown of what will happen.
  • They’ll also do some diagnostic tests, like X-rays, a CT scan, and photographs of your teeth. The results will give the dentist a much better idea of what to expect. They’ll analyze the x-rays and essentially make a blueprint of your tooths and the procedure the plan.
  • Every part of the surgery needs to be planned with specific steps and goals in mind.
Single Day Denture

What is Single day denture?

Make a brilliant smile your trademark.

Single day dentures Treatment can be measured, manufactured and installed the very same day you visit our Andheri smiles. This is possible for the new denture candidate whose gums have just healed from recent extractions, or prior denture wearers who are looking for some type of replacement denture.

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